EdTech Worth Checking Out for 10/31/2010

Good EdTech Articles
Teaching with Infographics
4,100 Students Prove ‘Small is Better’ Is Wrong
Students No Longer Need Email Addresses to Create Edublogs
7 Sites to Help Students Choose and Apply to College
8 Good Sites for Space Science Lessons
10 Resources for ESL and Foreign Language Students
TED Talks –¬†The beauty of data visualization

Subject Matter Specific Sites/Tools
Art – Picturing America
English – Free Print Reading Online
English – YourNextRead — Book recommendations
Math — Math Open Reference
Math – Dan Meyer’s complete¬†Algebra and Geometry Lesson Plans
Math — Robb’s World Channel - Math Videos on YouTube
Science – Wild Sanctuary
Social Studies — VoteEasy
Social Studies — Flow of History
All Subjects — Sweet Search — Search for Students

The Craft of Teaching
Braineos — Flash card quizzes
Best Tools in EdTech — 67 Tools in 60 minutes
100 Useful YouTube Channels for Teachers
Stripgenerator – Comic strip generator
Google Family Safety Center
CommonCraft – Information Videos on Many Topics
Google Earth Lessons – Definitive site for using Google Earth
Google Lit Trips — Using Google Earth to explore literature and history

Advanced Tools Worth Further Exploration
PanDoc – Converts files from one type of document to another.
Knowcase – Simple collaborative outliner
Xplana - Learning platform
Twieducate – Twitter Social Networking for Schools
Project Rome – online content creator
Free Sound – free audio on the web
Royalty Free Music
Micropoll - Quick website polls

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